Military Courses & Training

NIRTAL`s military training division personnel are assembled from the elite of the IDF units. All the consultants in this division are well trained combatants, possessing great experience in military training and knowledge in a wide range of tactical situations such as – CQB, Open Field Combat, Desert Warfare, Maritime Environment Warfare, Jungle / Forest Terrain Warfare Etc..

Moreover, all of NIRTAL`s consultants are well versed in combat situations, following their experience in the line of duty in the Israeli Defense Forces.


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    Military training is an issue requiring much research and in-depth knowledge. Military training includes four main components:

    • Physical and Combat training.
    • Tactical knowledge and analysis.
    • Weaponry – Knowledge & skills.
    • Command and Control (C2).

    • Infantry Training / Open field / Urban warfare
    • Recon Training
    • Anti-armor units / special forces team
    • Officer training
    • Snipers course
    • Military Martial Arts
    • Navigation course
    • Search & Rescue
    • Operational Driving os Special Vehicles / Special all-Terrain Vehicle units
    • Dog Training (k-9) for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking)
    • Technical breaching EOD
    • Marine & Navy units (Seals), border patrol
    • And More

    Moreover, NIRTAL`s military training division is able to provide strategic consultation on Army issues, such as: Army Personnel, Weapons acquisitions, Training plans, Required Army capabilities, Forming of Army units, and more.

    NIRTAL`s Equipment Provision Division is ready to supply any piece of Military Equipment.

    Military training can be conducted, whether the future conflict is LIC or HIC. NIRTAL is capable of assembling and training military units for both types of conflict, in any kind of terrain.
    All courses are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.