Intelligence Training‏

The main purpose of this course is to establish a tactical undercover unit. During the course the participants will learn surveillance techniques, how to execute covert operations and tailing in all scenarios. For example, tailing, technology, breaching locksmiths and intelligence gathering.

Additionally, the participants will acquire knowledge about communication & photography technologies, intelligence, weapon handling and “KRAV MAGA” (unarmed combat).


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    Tactics, Intelligence & Technology:

    • Get familiar with the city – theory & field practice.
    • Self-confidence practice in the field.
    • Identifying objects – theory & field practice.
    • Observation
    • Individual tailing – day & night.
    • Team tailing – day & night (with & without communication).
    • Communication – conversation procedures.
    • Mounted tailing – day & night, in & out of the city.
    • Technology – learning to operate communication devices, stills & video cameras (concealed & unconcealed), long-range photo.
    • Teaching the basics of operational intelligence collection, preparation of field files on facilities & persons.
    • Introduction – types of surveillance (mobile, stakeout, sporadic), “cover stories” building self-confidence.
    • The Intelligence Chain
    • Military intelligence (investigation, surveillance, technical)
    • Live intelligence
    • Evaluation (Desk)
    • Desk functions – intelligence plan, goals, issues of interest, sources and items, routine and emergency reviews, information dissemination, analysis of routing and dissemination of information, recording of results, work with the coordinator, management of the intelligence fund and source scheduling
    • Co working with the sigint unit
    • Major Skills learning – terrain navigation, object identification, reporting.
    • Individual and Team work.
    • Suspicion signs for detecting suspicious people & vehicles