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Facility Protection

Facility Protection

NIRTAL is a Global Homeland Security Expert Provider Since 1995.

Nirtal provides Combat Training & Equipment for:

Law Enforcement & Military, Counter-Terror, Intelligence, Executive protection, Private & Commercial Sectors.

NIRTAL is staffed by elite military, police, intelligence & security specialists who possess invaluable expertise gained from real combat situations

NIRTAL’S Capabilities

  • Combat Training for: Military, Law Enforcement, intelligence, commercial &Private Sector.
  • Security Consultation, Analysis & review.
  • Full security plan & design for any Infrastructure.
  • Officers & security management training.
  • Acquisition & Provision of equipment & technology


Security Consultation

  • Security audit , threat analysis and facility assessment.
  • Project planning and approval.
  • Project documentation & critical design review.
  • Equipment deployment installation & configuration.
  • IP cameras, communication & video analytics.
  • Operator workstation – event monitoring, alarms, system configuration, Event debriefing, video exporting and more.
  • Command & control center equipment.
  • System integration, configuration & testing.
  • Selection & Training of key person on location & Execution of security plan.
  • Maintenance & warranty.

Security Infrastructure

Communication sites

Air ports

Oil rigs

Sports facilities


Sea ports

Government facilities


Construction sites

Turn Key Projects

  • Diamond mines
  • Courthouse
  • Communication facility
  • Sport stadiums
  • Airports
  • Embassies
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Temples
  • Governmental buildings
  • Prisons
  • Sea ports

Nirtal Logo

Solving Tomorrows Security Challenges Today

Our Activities

  • Facility Protection
  • Advanced Surveys
  • Security Systems, Concept & Plans
  • Information Protection.
  • Design & Manufacture Intelligence Equipment
  • VIP Systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Monitoring Systems.
  • Security Training Programs.
  • Design & manufacture of intelligence and surveillance vehicles

Protecting Your Information

Advance counter-surveillance methods and technology

A comprehensive debugging equipment, designed to detect and deactivate all types of listening devices, including:

  • Active and dormant RF & IR transmitters.
  • Telephone eavesdropping devices.
  • Listening devices mounted on electricity wiring.

Generic Groups

Linear security systems

  • Borderlines
  • Pipelines
  • Cables

Perimeter security systems

  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Factories
  • Complexes

Generic Groups

“Amorphous” security systems

  • Security handling of money
  • Transport lines
  • linear outdoor competitions

Combined security systems

  • Olympic games

Facility Protection

Security Concept

Security Concept

  • The security concept is the first stage in any security project.
  • The security concept is the most important stage in security projects
  • The security concept is a decisive effect on the “type, color and price of the “fabric”
  • The security concept will determine the general “cut” of the “suit”

Security Concept

  • Central elements in the solution
  • Serves as a “compass”
  • Conversion and adaptation of the technique to specific object
  • Determine the system framework
  • Guiding lines of the solution
  • Reasonable disturbances to operational and commercial activities

Security concept – influential factors

  • Outer influences, Directives and constraints
  • Budget and return on investment
  • motivation of decision makers
  • nature of the activity and type of system
  • potential risk; environmental factors

Security System Configuration

Security System Configuration

Security Circles

Security Circles

Security Circles

Security Circles – External Circle


Security Circles – Intermediate Circle

Security Circles - Intermediate Circle

Security Circles – Intermediate Circle

Security Circles - Intermediate Circle

Security Circles – External & Critical Targets Circle

Security Circles - External & Critical Targets Circle


Translating the security concept and needs into tailor made security system.

Nirtal Logo

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