K-9 Dogs

Nirtal supplies operational solutions in the Task dog field on the highest level.
Through the years and especially in the last few years the effectiveness of working with dogs in almost every field has been proven.
In today’s reality an effective and efficient tool for drugs and explosives detection and for physical reaction (assault and disabling) is needed.
Nirtal services are designed for solutions for military bodies, police, government offices and private companies.
The service supplied completes the gap in existing security plans.
This would increase options for defense approaches and aid in strategic thinking.


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    Explosive detection Dogs

    Explosive detection Dogs

    As the danger of terrorist attacks on resources and men through the use of explosives increases, arises a need for a tool to detect such material.

    Nirtal offers the client sniffing dogs trained in the highest level in all areas:

    • Locating in open territory
    • Locating in vehicles
    • Locating in baggage

    These dogs are trained to locate all kinds of explosives (standard and home made) and other armaments.

    Proper training of the crew grants the finest solutions for airport scans, border passes, harbors, airplanes, cargo, vehicles and baggage.

    Nirtal trains its dogs with real explosives.

    Drug detections dogs

    Drug detections dogs

    Throughout the world, there is an increase in the use of drug detection dog.

    These bright dogs go through intense training and are taught behavioral pattern whilst learning to detect different drug types (as per request of the client).

    Governments and organizations all over the world utilize this kind of the means due to high detections rates and relatively low costs.

    The use of dogs is a powerful psychological deterrence to those who use and deal drugs.

    Assault and Defense dogs

    k9 dogs | Nirtal

    Assault dogs are a security measure.

    These dogs are fit for every military or police activity (such as rally breaking).

    Assault dogs are dogs that accompany the security guard.

    The dogs are trained to attack and disable a suspect on command. They jump on the suspect, putting him to the ground, and await the guard.

    Nirtal specializes in training the dogs to change behaviors in an instant – from calm to lethal and aggressive and vise versa according to demand.

    Terrorist assault dogs

    K-9 Dogs

    Terrorist assault dogs are the most highly trained dogs for causing deadly damage to the enemy. The damage is controlled by the handler.

    The reason for this is the dog is supposed to change its behavior in an instant – from calm to lethal and aggressive and vise versa according to demand.

    Operating a terrorist assault dog is a great advantage due to the ability to send a dog into a house without a line of sight, and locate the enemy within the house.

    Terrorist assault dogs are an essential part of an anti terror unit.

    The effectiveness of the dogs lies in that one can use them in different kinds of operations and send them in locations that are hard to reach and dangerous passages while scanning an open or closed terrain until finding and disabling the enemy.

    Guard Dogs

    Guard Dogs

    These watchdogs are trained in locating intruder who have approaches the dogs territory, prompting the dog to bark in response. Nirtal sensor picks up the signals, Analyses them, and decides on a security alert.

    The home alarm system is activated, and/or a message is sent to the homeowner’s mobile-phone or the security center.

    The training of the dogs is done in special techniques that do not require the scent of the man the dog supposed to chase.

    Use of these dogs comes mainly in isolated prisons as well as open crime zones.