EOD Training

EOD involves the detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, recovery and disposal of explosive items.
EOD operations deal can deal with bombs, mines, artillery shells and mortar bombs, hand and rifle grenades, guided missiles, munitions and sub-munitions & rockets among other items


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    Course Objectives:

    • Recognize the purposes and tactical considerations for the use of IEDs by terrorist organizations.
    • Understand the basic components of an IED and its explosive capabilities.
    • Become familiar with the many types of IEDs (vehicle, suicide bomb, camouflage device, etc…) and the ways in which they are used.
    • Understand the process of smuggling and concealing explosives into a specific target area.
    • Identify potential targets and their vulnerabilities.
    • Understand the basic concepts of “Event Planning” such as:
      • Large public gathering
      • Vehicle and pedestrian roadblocks
      • VIP events
      • Building protection
    • Understand post attack action
    • Become familiar with planning and executing both slow and dynamic searches for IED/ booby traps:
      • In door and outdoor routes
      • Indoor and outdoor structure searches
      • Open field search
      • Vehicles
      • Person
    • Become familiar with the proper method of leading an operational team through a structure suspected of being booby trapped.
    • Become familiar with the proper method of leading an operational team in an open field area which is suspected of having IED/ booby trapped.

    Improvised explosive:

    • Acquiring knowledge.
    • Explosive potential.
    • Explosive categories.

    Car bomb:

    • Acquiring knowledge.
    • Types of car bomb
    • The suicide bomber car.

    Suicide attack:

    • Stopping the terrorist from carrying out his plan.
    • Reducing the damage.

    Post event:

    • The post event actions:
    • Check of booby-traps on the approach.
    • Check of booby-traps during the attack.
    • Considering the team work under the suicide bomber interception


    • Recognition & Initiation
    • Placing & activation of demolition charge & explosives
    • Aids – using aids such as: Robot, explosion containment tank, bomb squad accessories.
    • Explosives operation systems.
    • Safety
    • Rescue & Evacuation from area with explosives devices.