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Riot Control

Riot Control

NIRTAL is a Global Homeland Security Expert Provider Since 1995.

Nirtal provides Combat Training & Equipment for:

Law Enforcement & Military, Counter-Terror, Intelligence, Executive protection, Private & Commercial Sectors.

NIRTAL is staffed by elite military, police, intelligence & security specialists who possess invaluable expertise gained from real combat situations

NIRTAL’S Capabilities

  • Combat Training for: Military, Law Enforcement, intelligence, commercial &Private Sector.
  • Security Consultation, Analysis & review.
  • Full security plan & design for any Infrastructure.
  • Officers & security management training.
  • Acquisition & Provision of equipment & technology


Riot Control

The objective of this course is to train for a personal high level of weapon handling, Unarmed Combat, Riot Control Combat Tactics & Theoretical knowledge.

To teach & train in deal with a variety of Riot control scenarios, planned & built as close as possible to real life events according to the Israeli experience.

Riot Control

Preparing the trainees to understand “Riot Control” and to think in a “Riot Control manner” & to act in a “RIOT Control manner”.

The mental training and preparation of the officers and staff is of utmost importance & is the key for success in Riot Control situations.

Private & Commercial Sectors

NlRTAL provides consulting, project planning & equipment for any number of cliental in the private and commercial sectors.

Projects such as: executive protection, aviation, operational driving, public transportation and public facilities.

Private & Commercial Sectors – Courses

  • Executive and VIP Protection
  • Infrastructure Facilities (Petroleum, Gas and Electricity)
  • Crisis Management
  • Surveillance
  • Public Transportation Security
  • Bank Security
  • Hotel and Casino Security
  • Shopping and Tourist Centers
  • Detectives and Investigators
  • Ad Hoc & advanced Courses

Company Methodology

  • Project Consultation 25 years of worldwide experience
  • Project Analysis & Construction turnkey solutions and the ability to adapt to local demands
  • Team Assembly selection of leading experts from multiple fields
  • Orientation & Personnel Coordination intimate cooperation with clients and training staff
  • Program Execution & Equipment Distribution leading distributors and continuous analysis

Equipment Division

  • Military Ground Forces: Equipment ranges from personal gear to complete unit platforms.
  • Naval Forces: diving equipment , boats , radars etc… Gear can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Ballistic Protection: ballistic protection plates, body armor, helmets, armored vehicles and fieldspecific armor to meet the highest international standards
  • CBRN: a full collection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Chemical products for detection, cleaning and treatment.

Equipment Division

  • Police Forces: equipment for SWAT, CT units, basic police forces, special police units, K-9, border patrol and undercover units.
  • Weapons and Ammo: we are experienced in supplying any type of weapon and/or ammunition
  • Prison and RIOT Control: full range of equipment RIOT control & prison systems.
  • Homeland Security: equipment for airports, seaports, train stations, bus stations, public structures, private residencies and more.
  • Surveillance and Spy Equipment

Nirtal Logo

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