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The security field is unique, challenging & critical to any business, which is why Nirtal hires only the best. Nirtal’s staff is trained with operational experience in a wide range of fields such as military, Special Forces, police, SWAT, intelligence, weapon systems development, etc…

We create a Customized Security Profile to execute and perform the best security strategy.

Between our professional expertise, experience and customized plans, we will provide the best security service anywhere in the world at any level of proficiency required.

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    secure events & facility Protection

    secure event & facility | Nirtal

    We can secure any event or facility such as:

    • Office Buildings
    • Construction Sites
    • Retail Operations
    • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
    • Apartment and Retirement Complexes
    • Banks
    • Government facilities
    • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities
    • Transportation facilities
    • Hotels / resorts
    • Special Events

    Security Experts

    Security Experts | Nirtal

    Nirtal offers security guards with a wide range of training. The company consists of:

    • Armed security guards including the training of first aid providers.
    • Armed security guards for events.
    • Security officers who are graduates of the Special Operations Unit courses.
    • Foreign language security officers based on client’s request.

    Nirtal's Security Methodology

    Nirtal's Security Methodology
    • Security according to three security circles: external, internal and safe areas.
    • Maintaining the fabric of life.
    • Integration between intelligence, technology and physical security.


    • Building a security concept based on threat and risk analysis.
    • Armed / unarmed open and covert security.
    • Facility and VIP security.
    • Testing of employees by various means including polygraph.
    • Financial investigations.
    • Shielding and technology